Metamorphosis Life Coaching gives each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my coachees’ testimonials and learning how they changed their lives.


- Emile

“Zubehr is a remarkable human who loves people and can overcome any challenge he is faced with.  He is creative, intelligent, sincere and an impeccable listener.  He hears beyond the words, connects with a universal truth and offers valuable insights to people from a space of compassion and wisdom.  He is supportive and an inspiration to anyone who crosses his path.  I’d highly recommend Zubehr as an inspirational speaker and personal coach.”

- Dan

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“Zubehr is an incredible listener and empath—in a world of quick exchanges, brief smiles and sideways glances Zubehr creates the space for intentional pause, connection, and reflection. He is an insightful question-asker, and he listens with genuine interest and compassion. He is wise, resourceful, discerning, and inspirational. Conversations with Zubehr leave me feeling simultaneously accepted for where I am at, and motivated to lean forward into the next challenge. He is encouraging, educated, and deeply attuned to his own humanity. I can’t express enough gratitude for the insight and support of such a wise and humble soul. Thank you Zubehr. You do such important work, my friend.”

- Kim

“The first time you meet Zubehr, you soon realize that your dealing with a friend that has walked a mile in your shoes. He has the experience and knows first hand the challenges that you or your family might be facing in search for the right answers or resources to help with your situation.  He has personally helped me with my own challenges that I faced in helping my older sibling get access to the tools and resources that I was not aware of. He always conducts himself with empathy and passion and for this, I am grateful.”